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I'd start with Weiss processing for work in the digital domain and Weiss converters for work in the analog domain... after which [if budget wasn't a factor] I'd probably go for a GML 9500 Equalizer and 2030 "Dynamic Range Controller"... along with a couple of 'character' units like an IBIS or a Massive Passive and a Dual Atomic Squeezebox or a Fearn VT-7... and if the money was really there in a big way, the SPL "mastering desk"... all with Weiss D/A and A/D converters.

If it was to be a "5.1" rig... then probably 3 of the the big SPL EQ's because they're linkable along with half a dozen Crane Song LTD. "Trakkers"... but I don't do a lot of 5-1 work so I probably shouldn't spew too much opinion.

Best of luck with your search!!