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Old 7th May 2006
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Are you ITB or OTB mixing?

Try BPM delays -- setting delay timings to match quarters or eighth notes. The Digidesign delay can do BPM-matched settings just about automatically. There is a formula for BPM --> ms as well.

Also, put an EQ on the delay channel and tweak it for less lows/highs and more mids. This will make the echo sound more natural -- in fact, in nature, an echo will come back "eq'd" this way -- i.e.: an outdoor echo doesn't have a flat freq response.

If you do both of these things, the echo will "hide" in the track more as you turn it up, giving you more leeway to use it to fatten things up without making the track sound too effected.

Many hardware delays have tap tempo functions, if you need a quick & dirty BPM setting.