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Old 22nd September 2011
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I don't think that you can go into a recording situation without having used the mics before and get the best recording possible. You are likely better off using two microphones that you know.

The truth is that most of these choices will/have/can work and give stellar results. I own a few of those options and I play guitar so I've tried them in many situations, and there isn't one that i would not use (of those I own) but what I might pick for any given recording depends upon several factors and one of them is what strikes my fancy on any given day.

Each mic will present different aspects of the room, and placement of the player in the room and the mics in the room will make a big difference in the final sound.

The player, the piece and the instrument will each play a part.

Plus, there are quite a few different micing techniques to choose from, I could not decide until I saw the room and saw the player. So how could I pick a mic?

My 'go to' for a while has been the AKG C-28 and Neumann 84. But an LDC might work, or a ribbon might just as much strike my fancy if the room is kind. And I might use the 83 and C-26 if the room works.

A pair of 84s would be a safe bet and would work in pretty much any situation, even if there might be other choices... like Schoeps or DPA.