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Can I ask why should I wait for a 24? Is it the fact that they are newer and still supported? I was also reading about the II's lack of transfer options.

Also...if you dont mind, what would a fair price for a 24?

I can get a 48 track RADAR II system right now for under $2500.

Thanks for your input...I really need some insight to all of this right now.
The II's are a good bit older and not upgradeable. They are also a bit noisier.

I have seen Nyquist systems with meter bridges/session controllers go for $3,500.

I bet you you can get one with Classic cards for a little less and even have the USB option.

A lot of folks use the Radar front end conversion for Pro Tools with good results so you have a lot of options.

U2 records on Radar and it sounds good to my ears.