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Old 22nd September 2011
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Hi everybody I'm new to having a Preamp...I've only been using a interface but I just got my GAP Pre 73 in today! I haven't had the chance to use it yet because I don't have the cable to hook it up to my interface yet.

The interface I'm using is the ProFire 610, and the 1st question i had is, what kind of cable do i need to hook up the pre 73 to the Profire??

and i want to make sure that i hook it up right, because I've heard that A LOT of people do it wrong and don't do I go from the output on the PRE 73 into the INPUT 3 on the profire? and i hook the mic up to the Line in on the GAP right?

I know they are probably dumb questions but I don't know, and I've looked around but there is so many different answers I find, so I figured if there is someone who knows and wants to help out then let me know...Thnx