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Yes Radar is the best digital recording system there is in my opinion. Of course my holding to that opinion has cost me my Nashville client base. After 17 years of great sessions in my own studio and several of the other wonderful rooms here, the harsh reality is: If you're not on Tools, You're not working! I'm seeing a small resurgence of artists who are allowing me to talk them into the performance aspect again like it used to be. I start the new tracking sessions with my little speech to the players that includes, " no playlists guys!"
Play it again and we discover the MAGIC that is each ones gift. Which is why we all pursued this music stuff in the first place.
I think this is what I'm getting at. It isnt the software that I have a problem with. It is a workflow and mind state that I want to get into. I do understand that there is a huge client base that only want to use DAWs of some kind...and particularly PT. I'm fine with that, and I understand that for sure. In the end I'd rather do like you and record in a way that you feel offers something special. I am sick of feeling like a tool to make bad musicians good. I want to capture something amazing and be proud of what I am doing. Thanks for the post.