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Old 21st September 2011
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RADAR is they way to go

If you want to just hit record, and not think about anything else but the music, well then RADAR is the ONLY way to go, PERIOD!
(digitally speaking that is!)

Since they started as Creation Technologies, Ive owned 6 systems.
Five of which were Radar IIs
And they all worked perfectly and sounded like a million dollars.
No fuss, no muss as they say...turn them on, arm the tracks, hit record, and you are ready to ROCK.
SIMPLE, and they sound like MUSIC.

Only reason I sold 4 of the old units, was simply because IZ said they would NO longer service them..
I figured that I had NO choice.

So I recently updated to Radar Vs (at major $$$)
Slightly better sound, due to the Super Nyquist convertors. plus a few more DAW type options, BUT overall basically the same machine, which has always been reliable.

By the way, Barry who is the owner will call you back (even on SUNDAY!) if you have a problem and will stay on the line till its fixed!
One of the best companies Ive ever dealt with in 30 years!
4 stars!

So to answer your question...
Go for the RADAR 24 or V systems, but stay away from the IIs just in case anything goes wrong, cause they are NO LONGER Supported by IZ...
Just my opinion!