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Old 21st September 2011
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They've been working on some kind of RTAS revamp for years now. I just hope it's more stable with better performance now. For features I'm not actually hurting all that much.

Sure the plugin frame is a little overloaded, but in general I like the preset system and automation capablities of Protools a lot more than that of VST hosts, so far at least.

"Yeah, show me eq gain of band 3 on all dialoge tracks". There is no host that can do this aside from Protools with a one modifier + click. WHen you need it, automation is handled much more elegantly in PT, at least the access to it and recording thereof.

I do wonder what kind of performance penalty there is for using clip gain/envelopes in the new PT10. Probably almost zilch, but we dialogue editors and premixers would be amongst the ones shovling massive amounts of clip gain around.