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Old 21st September 2011
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Thanks Felix for the info/update regarding the latest builds for Mac VST.

I appreciate the response, but, without trying to bash, I'd like to let you know the reason for the frustration.

1) In 2011 there is no reason that a new build of a VST should crash a major DAW upon launching. I trust that when a plug in developer builds and releases a new version of an RTAS, VST or AU that Logic, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo won't crash upon it being opened in an insert slot. At least, test the builds on the big 3 hosts before releasing is what I'm asking.

2) I filled out a bug report but it doesn't really inspire confidence. I never got a word of it being worked on or even received. That means by the time I get to a forum to post, I'm feeling rather ignored hence more frustration. If users got regularly updates on their bug reports they might feel like progress is being made and then wouldn't feel worried/frustrated by the lack of communication.

Flux plus ins are amongst the best sounding I've ever heard or used. Bugs are bugs and they happen but how they are handled is critical for ongoing user trust. I have no doubt you guys will get it all sorted.

1. The guys, and volunteer beta testers are doing all they can to make sure new builds are well working with as many environments as possible, and if we get the word after a build is released, that there seems to be a major problem, the guys are normally on the case in a second after they realize something went wrong.

2. Yes, our engineers are sometimes fixing things and forgetting to update the status in "Gemini", and we are doing what we can in order to get better on this.