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wow, that would have to be an incredibly tight double for that to happen, even in the conditions you describe. in fact, it would have to be so tight, that it is exactly the same. in that case, there would be no point to doubling.
i've played guitar for 25 years, practiced with the metronome the whole time, been written up in national guitar mags etc. and never once had this happen. recorded lots of other "tight-doubling" guitarists in the conditions you describe and never had this happen. i've also listened to very tightly doubled Metallica albums (for example) and never observed this. props to whoever can play this tightly. probably a better chance of getting struck by lightning than this actually happening.
I refuse to believe you've NEVER experienced it - that's ludicrous (even terrible guitarists do it accidentally here and there) - and I think you're super exaggerating my statement.

This thread has become ridiculous and I won't post on it again. You're the person that can't ge shocked by peeing on the electric fence. Try getting closer to it next time.