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Old 18th September 2011
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Fet47 is really hyper-cardiod. That helps tame front of kit bleed, which if I had to guess, really contributed strongly to hte mic "working well" in front of a kick drum. That coupled with its ability to handle SPL well, and having two methods for reducing its output to the console, it would be worth trying out in that application. People did, and were happy.

I am sure that other mics would work just fine and do what the Fet47 does, but I don't know any that have that combinations of features. Would a real 47 sound good? Yes. Would a console channel be able to handle it? Probably only if the mic went into the line input. Would a 67 sound good there? I bet it would, and it has a 10db pad (though its a true carded mic and captures more of the rest of the kit).

I think people get too worked up about these things though to be honest.

Comparing my Fet to a few real 47s, the Fet is dryer tonally and more 2 dimensional sounding. Tube 47 works just beautifully in front of a kick too.


This just got me thinking. . . . I have never thrown an M49 in hyper-cardioid in front of a kick, (only behind the drum throne). I shall try this.