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Shaft9000 if that's low end, I'd like to see the high end heh
secret weapons are secret!

i misunderstood the thread title, frankly.

my proper answer is that if it's good for your music it's good.
and where it sits on the 'value chart' is entirely irrelevant

this is art not economics

that said, and because i use them constantly -the best money i ever spent on any gear was for a pair of Blondie mics a fellow gearslut built for me a couple years ago.
At about 300 bucks for a pair nothing else I've tried under a grand comes anywhere near them for vocals and cabinet-mic'ing.
they sound beautifully natural and smooth on just about anything; being an omni small-diaphragm with a close proximity field
the only time i need to EQ them is in a dense mix or to get the rock 12-string scooped sound.

i wish i could recall the guy's handle or if he's still taking sales
if you search the forum for Blondies you should be able to find it pretty quick