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You will think I'm nuts but if you're strictly wanting noise gating you should consider a Behringer unit. They have a few varieties if I'm not mistaken, but I believe many are packed in other (compressor etc) hardware units). Of all the many both true and invented "facts" about Behringer, I believe even some of the detractors would surely admit if they do anything well it's things of the clinical colorless variety. I don't want my live gate to do anything other than its job with as close to 100% transparency as possible. In fact, no matter your income level at their price you can purchase one, test it, and thereafter send it back if need be with little to no thought of it monetarily. And as we all know five minutes of hand on testing beats a thousand pages of opinion!

I own an old "composer" (not even the "pro" that came after it!) that does everything I want it to do in the way of a live oriented gate and cleanly enough for me to be satisfied.

Seriously though, there is little to no harm in trying it due to the price point. You might be surprised by their gates even if they have disappointed you elsewhere in the past.

(Not saying they have!)

Edit: uh somehow missed the post where captain beers already extoled the aptness at Behringer products in this role, so mine looks pretty stupid in that context. I'm stupid enough to use them live.

I like to try to make myself think all my Behringer gear has been really reliable, but then I recall three pretty big instances where it sucked. I do like to root for the underdog though!


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