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You should look at the Signal Transport Synth-Driver units.
Takes unbalanced synth signal, balanced the signal adds 6db of transparent gain and outputs a clean balanced signal (also has ground lift switches for each channel) ... you can run long balanced cables.
Its ideal for what you need- it ups the level and drops the noise (and hum if present, with the ground lift switches)
Without trying to spam this thread, i am selling one of these 16 channel units for £200 with power supply. There is also a 32 channel version on Ebay in the US if you need more channels- although its a lot more pricey.
I just got one of these and I'm still experiencing a lot of noise, mostly gain noise, coming from my TX802 and my RM50. The Yamaha units are definitely the noisiest of my synths. I think a gate would serve me well for those two units even in addition to the Synth Driver.