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Question: why are audio input and ouput modules needed? I understand that you would need to amplify something like a guitar, but isn't the output of soundcards and hardware samplers hot enough for the filter? And couldn't you go directly from the filter into the audio in of the soundcard? I have been considering a happy ending kit with modules for effects processing, but I would rather not use precious space for i/o modules if that is not absolutely neccesary.
i have gone directly from drum machines/synths into the modular via 1/4 to 1/8 patch panel without any issues. but back out of the modular i always go through a VCA for controlling the gain. i just use a ptch panel to go from 1/8 to 1/4

it's passive so does not require power which means you can stick it in a little box next to your case if needed. that's what i do so i don't lose any space in the case. but analogue systems modules don't have the screw holes center in the same way so you have to widen the holes with a file or drill bit. pretty easy to do. doesn't matter if you are DIYing a little box for it though. i just screwed mine into a little wooden box.

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