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Well... it was actually functional by Christmas but I've had to spend a surprising amount of time to make it as pretty as I wanted.

Now it's pretty and passably functional but I'm digging into some fancy programming of Bome's Midi Translator in order to make it really slick. I've got buttons for selecting tracks (which double as mute and solo switches) as well as dedicated buttons for selecting individual insert slots. The parameter mapping for the UAD 4k channel strip is complete but I want to map a few more of my favorite plugins including Bootsy's new NastyVCS.

I won't make the same mistake of promising a YouTube release date but I will get there eventually.

software? Softube Trident EQ I like, and with the Flux Syrah I get interesting combinations. the mpressor is very cool for more radical shaping. I like the gate of Soundtoys.