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I've used this Roland vocoder a few times before and thought it was pretty cool.

I'd love to try out an EMS or Sennheiser Vocoder, but I haven't gotten a chance to do that yet.
i picked up a 350 last week in nice condition.
the 350 has that classic 'freak-a-zoid" sound (and many others)

the EMS and sennheisers are bloody rare and cost a LOT of money. but i can see why someone would fork out the extra if they were a vocoder junkie, which I am not at this time.
just listen to 'discocomputer' by transvolta, 'sample&hold' by neil young or the opener for ELO's 'time' album to hear why.

another holy-grail vocoder is the Bode 7702 - extremely clear articulation and intelligibility


apart from vocoders, another idea is the talkbox
the famous Zapp&Roger effect used a DX100+talkbox NOT a vocoder


that said, a very interesting technique using NONE OF THE ABOVE is granular processing.
even the cheap one on a Korg kaosspad or electribe can be very very cool - when you modulate the durations of the grains you can get very deep robotic vocaltones that are unique