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Thanks for the replies dudes, that A-119 is just the thing I needed! I'm thinking of making a Eurorack modular setup with Doepfer gear because it's inexpensive and good quality. The first thing I want to do is setup an external in, envelope generator, LFO and filter, and I guess a 1/4" output if that's a possibility.

I had a couple questions; what's the difference between a standard LFO and a Voltage Controlled LFO? Would a standard be that much worse?

And does anyone have case recommendations?
depends on your location.
shipping cases across the ocean is not handy.

the a-119 can be modded easily by swapping out the chip.

the standard LFO of Doepfer is quite good and cheap.

also check out this one heh

the 1/4" output of Doepfer is handy (I kept it), but soldering your own 1/8"-1/4" cables is easy and cleaner when working. (one less module)

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The fun with Voltage controlled LFOs starts when you have two or more and have them modulate each others frequency heh

yes, that's a fun trick! and then have one of the VCLFOs be the master clock, while it's being CV-ed, so it's feedbacking on itself all the way. add an attennuator or delay line somewhere and tweak.