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Here for the gear

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I successfully treated mine by sleeping with a fan running at night. It's the ambient noise, raises the threshold sensitvity somehow. There are certainly theories out there about how it works. The acoustic reflex (that thump in your ear) too, that's gone. That's a symptom of noise aversion and actually the muscles reflexing to block your ears, protect from loud sounds. Can be triggered by even very quiet sounds in people with noise aversion. More sleep, less stress, less tinnitus, i've noticed. If i'm tired and feeling like ****, i notice it sometimes but not often, it used to drive me nuts.
Same here. The fan actually did help me a lot, don't know why.

I used to do ten to twenty live shows a week for a long time. When I had my day off I was always in the studio mixing. When I came home I used to listen som reference music against my mixes. Had a bad tinnitus after six months and it was totally my own fault. Then I changed my food habits, tried to sleep more and everything was fine. Until I went back to my old habits, haha..

What about tension neck? it's driving me crazy at the moment and it causes really weird hearing problems. Bass roll off, ears cracklin and popping, bad dizzyness and tinnitus. All this because of my bad work ergonomics. And bunch of other things.

Well, it's all part of the "game", things will always get better! Maybe