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Old 15th September 2011
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An update on my ongoing problems, I went to see a completely different ENT consultant and he is a LOT better than the last one who was bloody aweful and treated my like a hypochondriac from the second I stepped into his office.

At least this new guy actually takes me seriously. He did an endoscopy through the nose and noticed hard mucus buildup around the right eustachian tube.

So at the moment he's put me on both spray and antibiotics with agressive doses to see if it is some kind of chronic infection and to flush it out. If that doesn't work then its off to have a CT or MRI scan, which one depending on the results, results of my blood test etc etc.

Compare that to the last consultant who blew everything off that I said and said it would heal itself (and even had the nerve to say "I don't need to see you again" as I walked out the door).

So yeah, as much as experts are supposed to all be experts, if you don't trust what your consultant is telling you or think he's really up to the job, DO get a second opinion, or even a third if you have to.

I still haven't found my solution to my problems (ear flapping, distortion, loss of highest n lowest freq, sensitivity n dizzyness on occassion), but at least I feel like I found someone who's taking it more seriously and willing to do a lot more tests to get to the bottom of it.

One thing I still haven't tried yet is that genko stuff, maybe that'll help if the problems partly circulation based?

Also this CoenzymeQ10 stuff, worth trying out?. Wondering where you'd get that in the UK.