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Old 13th September 2011
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Wow...thanks nlc201 for that explanation... but now my brain feels like it is going to explode :face palm:

I have just been thrown into the middle of a large audio/video studio building project (too long to explain here), and and doing my best to turn around a situation where not all the right questions where asked...

So my question is this: When you have audio and video as part of a single system such as an audio/video studio, does the audio and video equipment need to be on a single phase, or can it be spread across multiple phases of the mains power? I understand that a balanced power transformer is by nature single phase, so this would require the use of multiple transformers, correct? Or would having them on separate transformers negate the benefit?

You are out of your depth. You need a qualified consultant (not a salesman...) to examine your situation and make appropriate recommendations.