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I am gonna check out the demo now.

Your 202 is modded to bypass the seq when using external cv/gate? and you have a Pro One!! rrrrrr you have too many great synths and drum machines!
yes, you can bypass the CPU to drive the synth engine directly with a cut trace, a DPDT toggle switch, and two jacks. i'm trying to source two switching 3.5mm PCB mount jacks so i don't have to drill holes in my 202 - the jacks will replace the factory ones. if you simply cut the trace, you can not program the internal sequencer so you need a switch to enable/disable the bypass.

i was thinking of building up an x0xbox without the synth engine, just the sequencer to drive the 202, complete with accent. then i started to think about the Klee and it's feature set - it can go well beyond what the x0xbox sequencer can and with a more complex synth engine in the 202, it could be a ton of fun