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I think what's going on is that these service shops are trying to artificially drive up the prices by putting a ton of listings at way more than the device is worth. They're sitting on a stock of 30-50 synths they've fixed up, and they're willing to take a bit of a loss from ebay listing fees for the chance at doubling, tripling the "value" of the stock they're sitting on. After a few months of seeing these synths being "sold" for $2400 (which don't actually sell), some poor deluded soul will think they're getting a "bargain" on a mono/poly being listed for the price of $1800. Cha-ching, mono/polys are now "worth" $1800.

Off to make some drones with my $65 mono/poly...
This man speaks the truth. eBay is possibly one of the biggest blessings and yet the biggest curse for us gearslutz. Sellers are trying to tap into this niche market that is getting more "trendy" and skimming the top end of the price spectrum for old synths. If a bunch of people on eBay raise their prices, the the rest of the market follows suit. Wham, bam, how did I just spend $1800 on 80's tech???