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Old 9th September 2011
Lives for gear

Hyperborea is one of my favs....those minimoog sounds don't impress me much as much as their soundscape projects that sound very OPEN. I've heard tons of TD and the early work is much better than the late 80's-2000+.... It seems as if technology was not on their side. They were actually better when they were limited.....wierd. I do understand it though.

Part of Mojave was even recycled in a different song...but I don't recall the name.

One big mistake of TD was reuse of alot of bell sounds they had around 1986-89... I'm like...dang...can't they use a different bell sound. It's in Roaring of the Bliss. Youtube that if you wanna hear the bell...also..the drums in that song are terribly bland and unemotional. I think that's why it was only on that CD. I liked that song at I listen back...and think....bland! Not sure why...because I still like the old classics......Love on a Train, Thief, Wavelength