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Thanx all for the brilliant facts on old synths. You guys are sharp! I'm just gathering as much info as possible as a newbie to synth after playing all styles guitar and drums for the last 25 years.
TD is fascinating in that they have complete control of texture. For example the sequences on the Thief soundtrack's "Diamond Diary" are much harder. Is this a result of mixing or different equipment or both. Less delay and reverb obviously
Expect many more questions a ignorant as they may be beginning here:

1) Is the "Making of Rubycon" a video or book and is it still available? Not that I'll ever see this equipment, but artists ought be curious. This is one of the recordings that inspired me to buy my first synth at 39 years of age.

2) Can someone tell me how to get the large square still of Youtube videos rather than just the underlined hyperlink?