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Mono/Poly prices have been a lot more volatile since word got out that you can actually fix a battery damaged Polysix. You couldn't give P6's away at one point and the M/P sat at around $500-700 depending on condition. Once the P6 fix came out there was a brief period where the P6's were fetching more than a pristine M/P -- crazy times.

$2000 for a Mono/Poly? Wishful thinking for someone as there's a few rotting on ebay at those prices. Same for the jokers asking $2500+ for MS-20's or $300 for the bloody MS-20 suitcase.

Unfortunately the speculators are starting to invade this hobby and ruin it for those who actually use these instruments (Imagine that!). When those a-holes leave synth prices will likely drop back down to reasonably affordable levels. Probably too late for anyone who wanted a Jupiter 8 or Matrix 12 though.