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To be sincere I thought you were not an experienced user and you just started with Cubase, but if you say its stable on the mac then its stable o macos.

I tried 2 years ago maybe they made it stable ever since I dont know, you motivate me to give it another try. Whether you should search the cause of your problem is up to you. If I was you I probably would not waste my time on something that does not really bother me. Anyway me saying Cubase is abig pile of crapola, had to do only with me demoing it 2 years ago.

I am an ableton live user, and I dont like Logic's interface either, though I prefer it from Cubase. Other than that, dont get too annoyed with my "large pile of crapola" it target the software not you, or the developers, I believe even with bad software one can make extremely good music. So carry on using Cubase will all means and if it is now rock stable so much the better I won complain anymore and even praise it if its really good.
Now I get it. Fair enough, an inexperienced user may be at a point where he can switch easily ( by the way inexperienced user with an RME UFX kind of overkill isn't it? Hahaha).
I have been using all major DAWS from time to time (ProTools, Logic, Sequoia) because I have been working as an arranger or sound engineer in recording studios. In my studio I use Cubase. I did not get offended on Steinberg's behalf if this is what it seemed.
If you like Ableton then in my opinion you don't even need to try Cubase. But if you do, you will see that there is a HUGE difference from 2000 and the feature set is insane right now (although still no sampler *moan*).

Anyway thanks for your input and happy music making!