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Originally Posted by Ivorydom View Post
When I said about Asio I meant the Asio meter in Cubase. I know about the core audio.

It seems to me more like a bug with the Core Audio driver rather than Cubase. And let me explain: if I run Cubase on my MacBook with my RME UFX or my TC Impact Twin everything runs smoothly. So the problem only occurs with the onboard audio.
Cubase runs very well here with my audio interfaces.
I will definitely not change my sequencer because of spikes with the internal MBP soundcard.
I would really look forward for feedback from Cubase users though. Thanks.
Used Cubase for 3 years on windows, can I speak now ?

not that cubase users can do anything to help with your problem. I can even bet you that its CPU spikes and not core audio bug, the problem appeared in some of the versions of Digital Performer too , it was a known problem did not matter if you used an audio card or internal audio, I used an audio card with it and it was purely a DP bug.

Oh it seems I won the bet ---> • View topic - [MAC] CPU Spikes (MR816)

and there are other threads too. Actually the net is littered with Cubase macos problems, it must be one the most problematic DAW on macos. As I said a large pile of crapola

Of course if you want to continue using it dont let me stop you one tiny bit . Its a free world afterall.