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Old 5th September 2011
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Please evaluate my midi setup. Octatrack as a center.

So I did it - I got the Octatrack and like its Midi sequencer so much I would like to make it a hub of all my external synths. I am just a bit worried about the midi feedback wich I always had problems with. Could You give me some tips on how to avoid it? So here is the plan.

1) I want to connect OT midi out to Kenton thru box which will give me 5 midi out. I feed those outs to 5 synths: Voyager, Virus TI, Polyevo, monomachine and Kenton Pro 2000 which will drive my Serge system.

2) So far so good - but now I would like to record CC massages from Virus, Voyager, and Polyevo back to the OT. I would again use Kenton but this time it would be the Merge box which has 4 midi ins merged to 2 midi outs. So I route midi outs from the above mentioned synths (the fourth midi in on the merge box I reserve for a midi keyboard I would like to use as an universal keyboard for all the machines that will also receive the midi clock rfrom my PC.

3) Now does this setup make any sense? Will I encounter any pitfalls like midi feedback and if yes how can I avoid it? I would greatly appreciate any help on this one as this is one of the issues I am trying to resolve for some time now.