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Gibson raids FYI

I've heard a lot of rhetoric both online and offline about certain guitars now being illegal and such. I thought I'd post some of my research into the whole issue of what wood is banned and about the law that is being enforced on Gibson (LACEY ACT).

DISCLAIMER: I am not a US citizen and therefore can't vote. Save the partisan BS for somebody else. Again, I just wanted to do some research to cover my own ass since I have a couple of vintage Gibsons.

1900: Enacted
1981 (Reagan): Protections expanded to a "broader range of plants and plant products"
2008(Obama): Protections expanded yet again
source - pg19 describes "Due Care" which says "Due care “is applied differently to different categories of persons with varying degrees of knowledge and responsibility." REGULAR CONSUMERS ARE NOT HELD TO THE SAME STANDARD AS MANUFACTURERS. That takes care of the criminal aspect. Now I need to find the official docs to see if they can still confiscate the instruments. I did read that there are exemptions for vintage instruments. If anybody knows about any such exemptions please post on here. Otherwise, I'll post back when I find out about it.