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Old 4th September 2011
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Not ruining my new MKH microphones

I just acquired an MKH 418 and MKH 40 for field and foley work. These being my personal mics, I want to treat them extra nice, not kill them, and still get the sounds I am after.

This morning I recorded my espresso maker, steamer and all.

I micd the milk container tight, and as anyone but I could have predicted, milk splattered up onto to the mics a little, and some steam accumulated on the 418 enclosure.

I've heard the MKH series is surprisingly resistant to humidity, and I've had my boss encourage me to place MKH 40s to within millimeters of water to get the sound we were after, with no audible damage to the mic.

I've also used these at work in very dusty sessions, again with no audible damage.

So my question here is, what terrible things can I do to these mics and not hurt them?

I have a foam screen for the MKH 40, I need to order one for the 418. I am guessing when airborne debris is a concern, the foam screen should be on.

Some veteran advice from someone with experience doing reckless things with these and similar mics would be appreciated!