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Originally Posted by Hint View Post
Follow people whose music you want to be informed about.
Comment on and favourite music you like.
Don't worry too much about who is following you and why.
Delete spam comments and report them (it's usually obvious which ones they are).

If you checked that guy's track purely because he spammed you and you saw he had loads of comments, you're kinda part of the problem!
I agree... just ignore all this & do your thing.

@ Hint... are you the Hint? As in 'Keep Your Shirt On'?

EDIT: I just followed the link in your signature... and clearly you are! Digging your stuff; Bought quite a few of your tracks back in the ol' Clickgroove days. Especially like 'Keep Your Shirt On'... KILLER. I used to spin 'The Tremmuth' quite a bit too.