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Old 2nd September 2011
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I have some waves plugs but i hear the UAD are exceptional ive never heard them except for once when i was in class and my instructor played a mix of his with them which sounded so warm and in your face personally im questioning buying them due to the lack of plugs and the price is crazy with waves having all these deals goin into christmas i dont know but i found it online for $299.99 with free shipping which comes with a an extra plug for free 300 smackers for 4 plugs not bad i saw the chart that says how many plus i can run which mostly i do mixing not too heavy though just rap or R&b occasionally ill have a few class mates send me some rock stuff illl do but nothing over 35 Tracks honestly but that may be the thing ill need EQ,Gates,Comp,Reverb will the Solo Laptop be able to hold up even though i can use some of my native effects

(Sorry its long i know)