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Old 1st September 2002
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i think its incredibly difficult for band members to also be the business men of the band. sure collecting the door at shows is one thing. selling shirts afterwards [although better to have a street team for that, and show promotion... something a lot of bands overlook]

i think bands need to find another struggling guy to be their manager who has business sense about him, knows how to handle situations that might arise... but it basically onthe same plane as the band. obviously they would deal only with the immediate business of the band.

i find it difficult for bands to do it without such a person. its a necessity. i have seen band after band try to do it. i have even offered much advice on the DIY methods. a lot dont follow up on a lot of options they have open to start getting themselves known. either by sheer lazyness or lack of time to do it right.

i tried to do a label along with my studio. i bagged the label because i couldnt devote enough energy to both. i chose the studio. however, i am working on releasing ONLY vinyl with certain bands i work with. is a niche market that i hope to dig in to. especially now that my studio is starting to settle in a bit.