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Hi all

I use an apogee duet as bread and butter. I am a mac person , but also do own a new i7 pc, used mainly for gaming. But I like to stay fit on both platforms and even if it's just for knowing why I use mac's for audio.

I use logic and cubase 50/50, so I like trial some cubase under win 7.

what AD/audio cards can you guys recommend that is kinda on par with a apogee's converters on a pc (no midi needed), and still doesn't cost a multiple above a duet. (2 or 4 channels - I do not need more ).

Any advise?
Lynx or RME are my favorites, got no idea about price though. To me, Mytek and Lavry are mid-line converters, Apogee is good but not on a par with them, Lynx converters sits well with if not above Apogee, RME a little below. Probably not enough to notice in many situations. (I use RME cards with Mytek converters.) But I haven't listened to the newer crop of Apogees, they may be better. Still, it is a pretty small increment between the Mytek, Lavry, Benchmark, Lynx, and Apogee. Probably as much personal opinion as anything.