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Please , go to the store with a pair of headphones and try out difference synths for yourself .

Omnisphere is great but remember it's not a Daw , so you would still need
Logic , Pro Tools or something like that , with a midi controller .

here are 2 questions you need to ask your self .

1. Do you plan to do live shows and travel or is this just for studio ?

because if you plan on traveling you may not want to be connecting your laptop midi controller and what ever else .
There's nothing better than having one good quality instrument with all your sounds you just connect and play.
More and more people are starting to use laptops live , especially in EDM . What type of music to you make ?

2.What is your long term goal for your music ?

do you want to recored and arrange hundreds of songs with deep editing and arranging ,
if so then nothing on the planet can beat a computer and a DAW but you will never get a true hands on feeling that you get from a real hardware synth that was designed from the ground up to make music !
With most hardware synths today every thing is there and laid out for you and it also free's you up from the computer so you can focus on your music and not the mouse
(you know like a real musician ) but the DAW software path is a great way to save money and get a great sound so choose what's more important to you .
Hardware synths can be expensive but worth every penny if it gives you the results and workflow that a computer could never do .

One more thing be carful with marketing hype , like Korg and it's 9 synth engines because that won't mean noting if it simply doesn't make the sounds that you like . So check them all out . Also the Kronos has had complaints of QC issues so do your research .

Now if your into making your own sounds and designing your own sounds and want to do some very deep editing then you should check out the Kronos .

but if you want all of the bread and butter sounds right out of the box ready to recored right away then you should check out the Yamaha Motif XF (most live pro's seem to use the Motif ).

And if you want to be a gearslut you could always get a Roland Jupiter-80 with a mac i7 running logic with Omnisphere ,Komplete and a SSL Nucleus with a Nuwmen tube Mic (DONE) .

Good luck .