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Originally Posted by Darkmata View Post
i've got an i7 1.6ghz (virtual 8 core)
That's a rather pitiful speed. What's the rest of the specs like - are you using an SSD drive, have you maxed out the RAM, etc.

Quote: do i spend $3400 on a kronos or spend that on a kick ass laptop that won't crash with omnisphere?
Omnisphere and the Kronos simply do different things and have different purposes.

Spending the same on a laptop as you spend on a Kronos would be insane. It makes more sense to upgrade every 2-3 years and spend half of that than to buy something really expensive and then expect it to last 6 years or more, because it won't.

That i7 you have is recent enough, just not powerful enough. Is that purely your DAW or do you do everything with it - games, internet, etc?