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Old 1st September 2002
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Where ever there is a need not being met, there is probably a business opportunity. If I was a savvy businessman, I'd probably sort it out.

At any rate, it seems like there is a good bit of unrest in the music industry growing. Hopefully that will bring some change that will allow a more free flowing music scene that the mega "entertainment" companies have no clue how to deliver.

What needs to happen is music needs to break away from all the MTV style self-agrandizing BS. I watched bits of their (MTV) latest hoopla and it seemed like a huge "legend in our own minds" fest or something. Pretty horrible. It is a manufacted music scene - I bet they all cannot wait until the animation rendering is good enough to not even need real people, much less real musicians. It is all so very Hollywood: "No, I'm not really a musician, but I play one on MTV."

dfegad grggt :eek: