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Old 1st May 2006
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I've heard good things about the CME keyboards, but I wouldn't bother with that Griffin thing. It looks nice but that is about it.
I would seriously consider the x-keys or shuttle control.
The griffin is not much more then a glorified volume control.
Proper shuttle controls usually have some sort of stepping to them, however light. The griffin doesn't and imho wouldn't make for very good shuttling.

Yes, the audioengines are the same. In general, with the quality of processing these days, the audio engine is not something we have to worry about too much.
People were making good sounding records with 16 bit Protools in their time (and before) so if something sounds crap it's usually more down to engineering skill than anything else
To put it bluntly; I probably have better equipment now then trevor horn did 20 years ago and quality wise his productions still sound waaaay better than mine