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Old 1st September 2002
How to move underdog acts forward in a corporate world?

Do band members have to take on the roles of accountants to make a profit?

How can you rock n roll AND keep track of t shirt & CD sales?

Is there enough income flow to support bands AND business minded managers to do that **** for them?

Predictions for the future?

Statement: Here in the UK 'junior' band managers are suddenly as rare as rocking horse ****. At the 3 day Reading Rock Festival last weekend in the UK, they were about 70% down in the backstage 'biz hang out zone'. I can only imagine that many have 'retired' as there is little hope for them to get acts signed. They were a great use for bringing new bands forward, I guess their dedication could only last for so long without money or hope of getting some in the future. I am happy to pioneer new acts with my studio, but there is now a shortage of folks to hand em on to... Most pro managers in my experience have 1 or 2 signed acts and as many as 3 unsigned acts in various stages of development... Now, without the signed acts, they are VERY cautious... It's a bummer, grudge