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Old 27th August 2011
Here for the gear
Originally Posted by markbell ➡️
Anyone out there had the mod done; if so was it worth it??

I have a boxed 303 which im petrified to mod!!

Yeah i had one years ago when Robin Whittle had only done 12 of them number 13 was mine which back in the day cost me about 400 to get the mod done and i think i paid 90 bucks for the TB303 with manual and carry case from a guy who had 2 of them. When i regretfully sold it due to a bad time in my life i eventually sold it for $2500.00 bucks. To describe how good the mod is as in audio and sound. imagine the balls of a 303 x 4 and`2 more buttons to tweak for filters fm frequency add ons and extra cv & gate inputs.. All in all to tell you the truth when i sold that thing i sold part of my soul, ya cant miss mine if anyone comes accross it, its got the name UZI carved into the top right corner of the face plate and its mod serial number 13...

Do it , ya wont regret it.