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Old 29th April 2006
Originally Posted by abit
I was fighting all of them in december(ask me why, I don't know

Where I said to Shaun :
width is an EXTRA and monitoring A MUST and some other stuff.

And I was a public enemy #1.

Yeah I remember all of that! You went with the 8816 in the end I believe?

I do agree to some extent that a comprehensive monitoring aspect is more 'essential' than the width feature, but lets not forget that the product is called 'Nicerizer' and one of the sweetening tools on offer is the stereo width control. Like I already said, I'm not sure I understand what its doing, but it sounds pretty cool to me and its something that no one else is offering as part of their summing products.

Does anyone know what software or hardware the N16 stereo width control is most similar to?