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The reverb approach on the album was a reflection of how I was hearing things at that time. I was coming out of an era of trying to have everything sound dramatic and epic with big sweeping reverbs on them and starting to try and have the reverbs be more discrete and sound more like they are a natural part of the original sound. On that project I didn't want the reverb to sound like reverb patches as much as just natural spaces that sounded more organic to overall picture. I didn't want anyone to listen to the record and think "hey listen to that reverb patch". The reverbs should blend in and not draw attention to them selves, just make everything sound like it all fits together better. I tried to only put as much as I needed on the vocal to make the voice sound like it is part of the music and not just hanging out there in front of the band.

Thanks very kindly Eric. Being able to show respect and congratulate you personally was on the bucket list for a long time so I can check that off now!

As well, loved the fact that you had thought consciously about going for more natural reverb sounds before doing the album and went away from the Spector reverb wash! It paid off in the result!