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Old 17th August 2011
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Eric, this is such a fantastic tool to use to improve my mixes. Importing your unmastered mix into a Pro Tools session, especially one in the same key as GFY, will be incredibly helpful. I really appreciate it.

Listening to both files toggling back and forth in solo was very revealing, yet showed how great the mix is regardless of mix down format. While the 1/2" mastered file is richer and fuller, your 16 bit DAT mix still sounds great. I remember those 3700s well, with the silver face and big blue stop button, haha.

Once thing I found interesting was that Ted's master has a reversed absolute polarity in comparison to your DAT mix, which I guess could be from the ATR-102 or Ted's chain. Not to hijack your thread, but would you care to share your opinion and knowledge on absolute polarity? Any thoughts or ideas would be awesome.