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I did try an early version of the Anamod ATS-1 device. I think it was still being developed at that point. My experience with it was similar to a lot of the tape emulations I have tried. The emulations are very good at duplicating the peak limiting and harmonic overtone part of it. There is one quality that seems to still be eluding the emulations. Whenever I compare them I feel like there is this density to the sound that i only hear in the real analog tape version. A sort of seamless quality to the high end that makes the individual sounds be less transparent and more solid sounding. The plugin/digital emulations have an additional issue that the high end always feels a bit grainy to me. That's best I can do to put into words.

the emulations do seem to continue to improve though. As soon as they feel the same to me I will get rid every last tape machine in my building

Hope you're well!

We've never released a development unit for testing. I'm not sure what you were listening to. If you PM me your name I'll check the database.


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