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i'd love to hear about that too!
The challenging part of this is that it only works if you create a box with all six sides of a ferrous metal. I used what is called "Expanded Steel" in 4' x 8' sheets. you can see it here:


I used a total of 8 sheets. It creates an 8' tall 4' wide expanded steel rectangular box. We wired all the pieces together into the rectangular form with steel wire. The sheets them selves are strong enough to hold itself up. One of the panels is wired in place only on one side so it functions like a hinged door.

I put a passive monitor speaker inside the cage fed from a power amp outside of the cage. It is important to keep all active electronic devices outside of the cage. I created a mono mix (with an aux send) for the guitar player to listen to while paying inside the cage.

The expanded steel has sharp edges and is a bit of a hassle to work with. We wore leather work gloves while putting it together and covered the sharp edges of the "door" with gaff tape to protect the talent!

That is pretty much it!