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I'm also very interested in the production of this album. Thanks for doing this Q/A session!

How about the drum sounds - were they sample replaced or is it all live takes we're hearing?
The drums are almost all the live drum kit sounds. I did use some big low-endy kick drum/808/explosion type sounds for down beats of choruses.

And also agree the guitars sound great. In fact, everything is very full sounding on this album without any one element being over dominant. Was there a lot of filtering done on the individual channels? Some times it almost sounds like there is a lot of resonant filtering (like moog filtering) on a lot of the elements, there is a lot of meat in the midrange and I was wondering if you used any moog-type filtering to achieve this.
There was a lot filtering going on. I was using a lot of McDSP F2. Great plug in filter because it has a resonance control on it. Moog's have great sounding filters but the mini moog and memory moog (the moog synths I had at the time) only have LP filters. I really like the korg MS20 for synth type filtering. It has HP and LP but it is not always very convenient to pull it out and accomodate the 1/4" ins/outs while mixing. This was the inspiration for the UTA EQ filter section. As far as I know it is the only Class A EQ with a resonance control on both HP and LP filters. I use that a lot now for filter FX and tone shaping.

And also how involved does the band themselves like to get in the production/mixing aspect of the record?
I depends on the band. Some like to/have the patience for hanging out while mixing. On the Lostprophets Ian and Lee hung around for mixing. Ian definitely had specific things he wanted to hear as far as vocal fx. I actually enjoy having anyone who cares about the mixes be in the room when mixing is happening. It goes much much faster. I don;t like the modern convention of having to send files to everyone and wait for feedback. It is slow and less personal. When everyone is in the room we make decisions on the fly, we all listen at the end and sign off on it then move on to the next song. On the first Smash Mouth record I was mixing 2 to 3 songs a day. That whole record was recorded and mixed in 3 weeks. Now it takes a month to mix a record.