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What kind of synths and samplers did you use on 3eb self titled, and Astro Lounge?
3EB self titled has very little keyboards on it. There is piano onthe bridge of jumper and then I Want You has a Honer D6 clavinet a synth Bass sound that I think came from an old Korg EX8000 synth module I used to have. There is a drum loop in I want you but it was looped in Logic Audio. The loop is from an old Jazz record. Semi charmed life has a drum loop running through the hole song also looped in logic audio. I did have to supplement the kick sound in Hows it gonna be. Other than that there are no other keyboards or samplers used on the record.

Astro Lounge on the other hand has a ton of Keyboards and Samples on it. The synth sounds are mostly from a Mini Moog, Prophet Pro1 and a Memory Moog. I also used a Hammond M2 organ, A Farfisa organ and another Farfisa type organ called a Rheem (that is the sound on Diggin Your Scene). All of the drum sampling and looping was done in Pro Tools (I had recently switched to Pro Tools at that point). I used to use an S1000, Roland S770, Roland S760 but stopped using almost immediately after i was able to place samples and loops in a DAW.

And if you had the chance, how would you have approached Blue.
I think all of my effort on Blue would have been invested in keeping the peace between Kevin and Stephan. I heard that they weren't really collaborating at that point. As I have said before, I believe it is the collaboration of those two people that really makes the first record so special. Their relationship was strained throughout the first record and the band almost broke up at one point but we managed to work through it. Most all of Kevin's guitar overdubs were done without Stephan in the room. It was the only way to keep the peace.

I was successful at discouraging the inclusion of the song "Slow Motion" on the first record and I would have campaigned similarly on the second record. When that song was kicking around on the first record the original lyric was "Slow Motion In The Ghetto". It was mostly about the plight of people living in the ghetto. Maybe I just knew Stephan too well at that point but, I just couldn't take that song seriously from a person that grew up in Palo Alto and spent most of his youth hangin out on the Stanford campus. I had just come of off 3 straight years of working on some of the most radical controversial militant rap music out at the time (Paris - "The Black Panther of Hip Hop") and had heard a whole lot about the struggles associated with African American's and Ghettos from people who had first hand experience with it... Stephan's version felt very contrived to me. I literally told him I would not work on the song (I was pretty stubborn back then