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Hey there

I did the same thing about 8 months ago. I have been a faithful Logic user on a PC since version 3. Fought the good fight not going to Mac, and I also worked at a studio that just bought 2 full PC Logic rigs 6 months before PC support was dumped. I used to design and build bullet proof audio PC's so i was happy paying less $ and fiddling with windows all the time.

We got to a point where we were tired of the crashes and BS from running Logic/PC so we talked, researched and decided to try out Nuendo. Bought it, set everything up, (we uses RME cards at the time), even tracked a 17 track off the floor session through it and thought it was pretty cool.

We went to do a mix. Here's where it got ugly. We use the CPU basically as a deck and to add some plugins, but come out of the CPU with 32 channels into an analog board for it's eq, and all our external processing. We fiddled around with a mix for an hour and then my partner turned to me and asked... "Is it just me or is this total ****?"

I didn't really want to answer that because it was more or less my idea we go to Nuendo. I agreed with him that it was horrible to mix in. We bit the bullet, relegated our PC's to Wavelab only duty, sold nuendo, bought 2 Dual 2.7 G5 macs, MOTU i/o and we have been as happy as clams since. We are completely converted Mac heads now and are so happy to be back with Logic. I sold my P4 2.4 home made beast for $800 and picked up a dual G4 867 for $800. They seem to be almost exactly the same power when it comes to running tracks in Logic.

I understand that some people love Nuendo, some people love Logic. I used to sell the stuff and have a belief that it is like a left brain/right brain thing. Some people think a certain way and therefore dig Logic, some people another way and dig Nuendo. My point is, if you love Logic, you may find Nuendo a PITA. Same goes with Mac/PC. I don't give a crap what people use, but in our experience, it is a different world and like going from driving an old K Car to a Mercedes.

Bottom line opinion from me. Buy a Mac and stay with Logic.