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Firstly I'd like thank you for this awesome Q & A! Your responded have been so detailed and passionate! Very inspirational. Anyway, to business:

I've really enjoyed reading up on your UTA console, that thing looks amazing, but I know there's no way I'm every going to own one, or any large format console for that matter. The EQ especially seems incredibly well thought out and flexible.

I mix entirely in the box and find things like the Waves SSL/API and UA's Neve EQ's indispensable tools that have allowed meer mix mortales like myself an insight into the feel and sound of the real thing.

Have you considered allowing the UTA EQ to be modeled? Both Waves and UA have done some great work emulating many of the old classic EQ's but I don't think there are many 'modern' hardware emulations out there (UA's fatso/manley excluded).

I think this would be a very interesting product indeed, anyone out there interested in an EV/UTA EQ pluggin?
We are definitely looking into doing a plugin version of the UTA EQ. I want to get the hardware version out there for a little while and hopefully generate some more interest in it before I invest in developing a plugin version. The plugin version I am envisioning will allow some additional features that aren't practical to do in the hardware version that I think could be really cool. It would probably be no sooner than mid 2012.